1. Installation

The API is included when installing Labber, and the files are located in the “Script” folder of the main program directory. To access the API, add the “Script” folder to your Python path.

1.1. Requirements

The Labber API requires the following Python packages:

  • Python 2.7, or Python 3.4 or later

  • NumPy

  • h5py

  • PyQt4 or PyQt5

  • qtpy

  • msgpack

  • sip

  • future

1.2. Testing the API

To test the Labber API installation, execute the following code in a Python console:

import Labber
print (Labber.version)

1.3. Upgrading from earlier versions

Note that in Labber version 1.1 and later, the ScriptTools module has been moved into the Labber module. To make scripts written for older versions of Labber work with version 1.1 and later, replace import ScriptTools with from Labber import ScriptTools.