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The Labber software package offers a high-level user interface for acquiring, organizing, and storing laboratory data sets. The software package consists of three separate programs.

Instrument Server

The Instrument Server handles communication with all the instruments and equipment available in the setup. The communication can be over GPIB, serial, USB, TCPIP, or any other interface.


During an experiment, the Measurement program will connect to an Instrument Server to output values to a specific instrument, or to read data from another one. The Measurement program saves the acquired data and the instrument settings into a central log database.

Log Browser

The Log Browser provides fast and efficient tools for browsing, visualizing and organizing the measured data. The Log Viewer provides functionality for data analysis and for generating publication-quality figures and images.

Python API

The Python API provides classes and functions for controlling instruments, for reading and writing Labber log files, and for scripting Labber measurements using the Python programming language. See the documentation for more information about the Python API.