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InstrumentServerInstrument Server

The Instrument Server handles communication with all the instruments and equipment present in the setup.

Labber supports communication over GPIB, serial, USB, TCP/IP, or any other interface that is implemented by the VISA standard.

See our GitHub repository for a complete list of available drivers.






Instrument DriversDriver-Yoko

An Instrument Driver defines the list of quantities that an instrument can control/measure.

Each driver has its own configuration dialog, with a one-to-one mapping between an instrument quantity and the corresponding user-interface control.

The program supports both scalar and vector-values instruments (like oscilloscopes, waveform generators, network analyzers, digitizers, etc).

Driver-Signal Generator











Custom driversDriver Definition

Drivers are defined using text files.

The driver file contains a list of instrument quantities, together with the corresponding VISA commands for controlling the hardware.

No programming necessary.

Labber can also interface with non-VISA-compliant equipment via vendor-provided DLLs (limited python programming required).







List of implemented drivers

See our GitHub repository for a complete list of currently available drivers. The list is constantly being updated, please contact info@labber.org if you need a driver for a specific instrument.