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LogBrowserLog Browser

The Log Browser visualizes the contents of the log database.

Log files are organized by tags such as project, user and date.

The log list shows a list of logs matching the selected tags.

Quick view shows data and settings for the currently selected log.

Logs can be starred, to highlight important data.

Double-clicking an individual log brings up the Log Viewer.


LogViewerTraceLog Viewer – Trace mode

In Trace mode, the data is presented line plots.

The dialog contains a list of all log entries, with date and time stamps.

The trace plot shows the currently selected entries.

Support for basic data manipulation like smoothing, averaging, FFT, etc.





LogViewerImageLog Viewer –
Image mode

In Image mode, the data is presented as an image map.

Possible to show horizontal and vertical cross-sections.

Tools for image contrast adjustments.






Export FigurePlotExport1

The Export Figure dialog allows easy generation of publication-quality figures.

Full control of figure size and appearance.

Both trace and image plots can be exported.

Support for PNG, JPEG, SVG and Adobe PDF file formats.